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Would you like for me to serve your audience & educate them on how to become financially free?

Peggy Walcott is the founder and facilitator of the Prosperity 101: Financial Workshop series, teaching financial wellness courses for over 10 years.
She has always possessed a genuine passion for coaching and empowering others to maximize their potential and walk in their purpose.  

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So, you want to start a budget. Where do you start and most importantly how do you stay on track? The only way to build a firm foundation is to start from the ground up. This allows you to maintain your budget and gain traction, bringing you into a whole new mindset – a CEO mindset! Now you’re looking at ways to Grow your money and off you go to building wealth and leaving a legacy! This workshop is ideal for large groups and empowerment events is if:

  • You have never created a budget and now believe its time!

  • You manage other aspects of your life well, but not your money.

  • You need a simple process that includes budgeting, saving and planning for your future.


If we are a startup, how do we keep things in order and separate from our personal budget?  How do we create projections and measure success? These are questions often asked in business management. We have the dream and want to execute the vision fully, but don’t always have the financials in order to get capital. If you set a firm foundation in place so you can continue to grow, expand and ultimately see your vision come to fruition! This workshop is ideal for start-up or existing businesses if: 

  • You are operating your business with your personal funds.

  • You want to create a firm financial foundation for your business, increase capital and be appealing to investors.

  • You want to learn how to project for future growth and determine if your business is profitable.


How do I practice biblical principles with my money in my everyday life?” Do you know how to marry your money with the Word of God? There is great wisdom and promises in the bible concerning finances. When it is made simple, we can operate utilizing that wisdom and are able to fully receive the promises. They are unlimited and true. This workshop is ideal for your church if:

  • You want to learn together with your congregation a simple but effective way to manage your money while believing the promises of God.

  • You want to be in financial partnership with God and on one accord with your members.

  • You want your church and congregation to reap the rewards of being a good steward of your money


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