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nice to meet you!

Whether you have a little or a lot – "You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Let me help you go from holding your dream in your heart to bringing into reality!


Experiencing wealth and prosperity is not just for some but is for all who gain the knowledge and have the discipline to use the principles and processes to walk it out.

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago in a 2-bedroom apt with 6 other family members, coming from humble beginnings I am no stranger of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”.  I knew education was the way to take me to the next level of living the life I always dreamt about, but didn’t realize that not knowing how to manage the money I made would not keep me there.  


...driving expensive cars and building houses from the ground up to divorced with 3 children, losing my job, standing in the food pantry line to feed my family and house going into foreclosure 3 times that I knew I needed to do something quick to bring my finances in order!  

I was never taught budgeting or financial management as I grew up so it was a shock that one minute I had so much and the next nothing. I quickly realized that even though you have a lot, if you don’t manage it properly, you really have nothing at all. It was when I hit rock bottom that I developed the system I use today to teach others about being a good steward and managing what you have (little or a lot) and walking with them into Financial Freedom! 

You see, I know what it feels like to be on both ends of the spectrum and neither felt good when everything is out of control. I now have the pleasure to see people that work with me begin with a burden and after the first session a weight has been lifted – there is HOPE!  I teach from a place of passion to encourage others that you too can take control of your finances and your life!  


“I believe there is no lack in finances, just lack of a solid process and plan of action that keeps us from achieving our dreams.” 


Hearing the success stories of clients

from P101 Workshop Alumni that not only use the process for themselves but also share it with others!

"I just wanted to thank you again for a paradigm shifting experience! I am going to master this and be victorious in getting to the other side! Both my wife and I are already seeing the monetary as well as mental impact in just the last few weeks alone. We are both excited and look forward to refining this technique as we move forward! I've been so enriched by your class. Both my wife and I are business owners and we would love to attend the business version of this layout as well!"

- Kenneth Nicholson, Business Owner

it is usually in our hardest times,

My 4-year journey of developing myself with a new thought process and system for managing my finances not only gave me peace, stability and hope for a brighter future, but a testimony of my own. My children are good stewards of their finances and master the process I set in motion.

The house that went into foreclosure three times is now an investment property! I have taught hundreds of people in all walks of life the same knowledge and ability to gain wealth and prosperity. I look forward to sowing those same seeds into your life!

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