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To provide financial tools to people to create a solid foundation for an abundant lifestyle.  


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Meeting Peggy was a humbling and life changing experience. My background is in Banking yet my financial situation at the time was in disarray. She walked me through her program step by step; it was simple yet powerful. With the tools I learned from Peggy, I am now on track with my financial obligations and soon to be debt free. She is a true gift from above!!

- C. Fernandez, Certified Personal Trainer


Get the answers to the most frequently asked finance questions here.

based IN Atlanta, GA

with live and virtual sessions offered globally, Prosperity 101 Financial Workshops focuses on teaching basic budgeting skills, financial acumen, and the ability to create wealth. No matter the field of work you are in or your current financial status, you will learn how to effectively manage your finances by creating and consistently executing monthly budgets for a firm foundation.


The courses specialize in making sure you understand your financial status and are equipped to make wise decisions — ultimately to become financially stable and debt-free. 

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Whether it’s your personal financial plan, business budget/financial projections or you are a P101 Alumni and need a “recharge”, let’s get started creating a financial plan to accomplish your goals! 


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Do you find yourself agreeing with any

of these money myth statements?

  • I make enough money, I don’t need a budget.

  • I’m just getting by, I don’t have enough money to create a budget.

  • I don’t need a budget, I just need to get out of debt.

  • I have a good job/career I don’t need to save in case I am out of work.

  • I’m young I don’t need to think about investing for my future

  • Living on a budget means I can't have fun.

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okay, it's time to 


We all have the idea of what we want to achieve and where we want to be financially, but don't know how to get there. Even if we attempt to get started, the tasks seems so daunting like an uphill battle. It all seems so complicated, but it doesn't have to be.


Using the P101 Workshop strategy is not only simple but effective in bringing great results. It's a process that when implemented, takes you from "How did I get here?" to "Wow, how far can I go!". Combining what you learn in the workshop with discipline and consistency will launch you into the next dimension of your life!


We begin by determining "Where you are" and "Where you want to go". You can't address a situation until you really look at it from a bird's eye view.


Once the budget is created, we then look at how we can become more profitable. We learn the difference between "needs" vs. "wants" and determine how we can scale back.


Finally, after we have established peace with your finances and have brought order to our monthly budgets, we begin to tackle our long-term debt. 


And your new wealth advisor

Peggy Walcott is an expert in the fields of Sales, Marketing, Consulting and Business Management. She uses this proficiency to identify trends and tailor the needs of her clients to create strong brand identities and lasting relationships between the product, client and end consumer.

Peggy’s career began at Encyclopedia Britannica in Chicago, IL where she was under the leadership of the VP of International Marketing. Her evolving leadership, sales and consulting skills landed her at fortune 500 Companies such as Phillip Morris, Fort Dodge and Pfizer Animal Health. 

Peggy has received multiple Presidents’ Awards from Pfizer and Zoetis Animal Health (2010-2013).  She is the first and only African American to receive the President’s Award from Fort Dodge Animal Health in 2009.

Peggy received her MBA from Texas A&M University and also graduated Magna Cum Laude from North Carolina A&T State University receiving a BS Degree in Business Administration.




Peggy has partnered with the Government of Kenya through Texas A&M University and developed a training manual for the women of Kenya to price and sell their products at local markets.


Peggy is the founder of Creative Employment Solutions where the motto is “Changing People… Changing Lives”


Peggy and her “Dream Team” developed and facilitated workshops that empowered and enabled people to live their best life and learn basic budgeting, financial acumen and the ability to create wealth.

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Participating in P101 with Peggy was a life changing experience that has brought knowledge, understanding and enlightenment in the area of my finances.


She teaches foundational principles which help to correct, manage and grow personal wealth. I have personally experienced an abundance of financial growth and blessings year over year since completing the workshop. 

- L. Childers, Non-Profit Executive


Let's dive in and create a personal monthly financial plan that will give you a firm foundation to identify where you are and where you want to go with practical tools to get there! We will create a monthly budget to fund travel, projects, new business, increase savings/emergency funds. Develop a plan to eliminate debt as well as identify options to increase your income.


You have taken the workshop, but have gotten off track. You don't need to complete the entire process again. In the refresher course, we will determine where you got stuck and get you back on track. We will go in-depth, step by step to ensure we uncover all of your obstacles and get you back on the road to Financial Wellness! 


You want to take the workshop, but focus solely on your finances without being in a group setting. We will create a monthly budget, develop a financial plan to fund travel, projects, new business, increase savings/emergency, etc. Develop a strategy and plan to eliminate debt as well as identify options to increase your income!


Mixing your business and personal finances is a No-No! Separate your personal and business finances by creating a business budget. Learn how to account for all of your expenses, pay yourself from your business and determine which expenses you can use as tax write-offs. Identify if you are charging enough for your product/service and develop financial projections to determine if your business is profitable.

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